Huntington Beach Web Design Specialists Help You Avoid Design Mistakes

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When people look for you on the Internet, their main port of call will be your website. This is why it’s important for it to look great. The problem is that a lot of people think that they can save a bundle by making their webpage in-house. Passing the job to an intern who knows the basics of HTML can save you money in the short term, but amateurs can end up making mistakes that leads to lost profits.

Surprisingly, bad web design is easy to do. Inexperienced people can unintentionally make suboptimal design choices for their website. When people visit a web page that is badly made, they can be turned off from the product or service. Huntington Beach web design experts can help avoid some of these missteps.

Slow Loading

One of the biggest mistakes that people can do when designing a website is making it slow to load. This can be unintentional, but the results are the same; people who browse websites like to be able to see their content quickly. If more than few seconds and the page hasn’t fully loaded, then they’ll probably leave the site without a backward glance. Long load times are usually caused by having a lot of images or a slow web server.

Overloaded Websites

Slow-loading websites lead to another mistake that amateur web designers make: overloading a website. It may sound nice to show off when constructing a website, but throwing every feature you can think of into one is a bad idea. For example, some websites like to use pop-up windows or frames in their site to separate information. The problem with that is too many windows can be annoying. Skilled web designers know that you can do more with less. All you need is a simple layout with subtle design touches and good content to get your visitor’s attention.

Unintuitive Navigation

Another problem with getting fancy in making a website is unintuitive navigation. It may seem cool to use icons instead of words to indicate where the link leads, but your visitor can become confused. A website is supposed to be an easily accessible source of information not a labyrinth. Frustrated visitors lead to lost customers.

Trust the Experts

These are just a few of the mistakes that people make. Fortunately, professional web design services like Web Solutions Firm can help you avoid these and more. Contact one now to ensure your website will attract visitors and make them stay.


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