How Web Design Can Influence Your Target Market’s Purchase Decisions

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People are visual creatures that are often enticed by things that are aesthetically pleasing. This is probably why today’s online users are drawn to websites that have engaging design elements. What’s more is that web design can influence customers’ purchase decision and behavior, according to Design Hooks. It turns out businesses in Irvine or anywhere else are not investing on design just for show. Here are some ways web design can affect your customers’ decision-making process.

Design Information

People like it when businesses are honest with them. That said, it’s better to provide as much details about your company and what you offer up front. Keep in mind thought that the way you present that information can affect how your users will react. When everything is readily within your customers’ reach, they are more likely to consider information and even make a purchase decision on the spot.

Color Psychology

Psychologists have long since proven that each color represents an emotion. For instance, red can mean something negative while blue can depict positivity. You should be careful in choosing the color for the design elements you put on your website. Even something as simple picking a color for a “subscribe now” or “buy now” button can affect user behavior. Web design experts in Irvine from reputable companies like Web Solutions Firm recommend using colors with a higher contrast for positive actions and lower contrast for negative ones. This helps the user see clearly a point of action to act upon. Also, be careful with mixing and matching your colors as some might just be confusing or hard on the eyes.

Size of Elements

When it comes to web design, size matters. For instance, a call to action in larger font will catch more of your customers’ eyes when they visit your website. According to an eye tracking study by Google and IBM, people spend 34 percent more time on larger fonts. While bigger elements tend to attract attention, it’s not always the way to go. For example, using oversized images can just be too distracting for your intended users especially if they don’t have anything to do with your content or your services. Sizing should be relative to what you are trying to accomplish visually so you can deliver the message more effectively.


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