3 Serious Website Design Blunders that Jack up Your Site’s Bounce Rate

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Bounce rate is one of the key metrics that search engines use to gauge your website’s quality. It’s basically determined by the number of users who visit your site and then hit the “Back” button or close your page shortly after landing there without even engaging with your website. This shows the number of people who see your page and say, “Oops. Nothing to see in here.”

While downtimes, power outage, and mistaken clicks can influence more bounces, a rate as high as 60% or more across the majority of your website’s pages should be a cause for alarm. This can be an indication that, technical glitches aside, your visitors aren’t connecting well with your website due to the page’s lack of quality.

If you’re managing a business here in Newport Beach, you’ll want to encourage people to stay and explore your website to get them to convert. Avoid these three common web design mistakes that undoubtedly drive traffic away:

  1. Takes forever to load. People nowadays want everything fast, and 10 seconds waiting for a page would definitely seem like an eternity. If your website takes too long to load, people will obviously get dissatisfied and likely switch to a speedier competitor. You don’t only lose potential business; it’s bad for your search rankings, too. Slow loading is caused by factors like massive images, widgets overload, poor coding, use of custom fonts, and cheap hosting.
  1. Content published in bulk. Quality writing efforts are merely put to waste when they end up being unreadable. This is why the schedule and manner of posting content should help readers digest the information as fast as possible. Pasting it in bulk (“walls of text”) won’t work considering the relatively brief attention span of users. Break up your content into smaller chunks and use subheadings, italics, colors, or bullets to signal divisions of ideas.
  1. Aggressive selling. People will finally visit your website either because they want to learn more about your offerings or they are ready to purchase. Intrusive tactics like pop-up ads and multiple “click here” buttons distract your prospective customers’ concentration on their browsing (not to mention being utterly annoying). Many users have already developed the so-called ad blindness, a bigger reason to avoid bombarding your page with ads is that search engines like Google have started penalizing sites with an excessive number of ads.

The rule of the thumb is to make your web design as user-friendly as possible. If you’re looking for professionals who can help optimize the user experience of visitors to your site, consult with trusted website design companies like Web Solutions Firm.


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